We speak only spanish and so the tours are only in spanish available.

Where nature becomes art and passion

Ecopark Xanath and Vanilla Campaign work together to keep the ecosystem of Flora and Fauna in a balance.

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The park is close to Papanlta. With 22 hectare territory, where the flora and fauna is protected and located in its natural habits.


Papantla\Veracruz is famos for vanilla, los voladores, el tajín.

We show you the origins of the art to live in and with the nature.


The weather, hills, close to the ocean - creating a feeling. Our place allows you to feel this unique vibe to fall in love with.

Enjoy a personal and natural experience


We offer you the famous vanilla tour. Also from 15 people up with apointment, you can book a food experience. We show and prepare traditional meals you can choose from.


In a safe area located in the park there is a huge space where you can spent the night.  There is no light and no electricity around. So superquiet and relaxing.


The reserve is perfect to run a special clase or excursion. Also perfectly circunstances to obverse the unique nature and its impressive animals, flowers and fauna.